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In todays fast pace society, conducting business and recruiting new members takes an abundant level of flexibility and problem solving from organizations and corporations.

For many companies, the search for the top notch employee has no limits. Employees are recruited over borders. Deals are made, everyone is excited. The golden key to a new position is handed over to the new employee. With all the excitement comes the everyday obstacle. It is a costly process for the company and what we are all aiming for is to have the employee up and running fast without having to worry too much about the logistics with the move.

Today, Getswedish is the swedish side of Relocal Seattle LLC. While established relocators will handle the moving logistics, we will take care of the family. We are the middle man, the bridge builder in the short months of resettling. Our focus is on supporting the entire family in the move.

As a Destination Consultant Company, Relocal Seattle LLC offers to be the bridge builders between the cultures by guiding the family through the cultural system. We will help the family to understand the sublime differences between the cultures and pride ourselves in being the best support for Scandinavian families. We can explain PTA, School data, different neighborhoods, and other everyday obstacles in Swedish. We know firsthand the struggles and excitement of an international relocation and will help your employee with family to find appropriate networks to regain their feeling of being at home.

Relocal Seattle LLC offer some packaged deals that will all be customized to fit each company and each individual family:

Package I
Welcome home – USA!

  • An introduction to the American Culture from a
    Swedish perspective.
  • A first introduction to the new neighborhood.
  • Guidance in searching for housing, temporary
    housing and schools

We will help families to understand how they can read school
statistics to find a school that fits the individual family’s needs. We will
also provide some inside knowledge of the area.

Package II
Practical Guidance!

  • DMV – Department of Vehicle
  • Hands on guidance in school search.
  • Guidance in the bureaucratic jungle.
  • Vaccinations, what is the bare minimum?

Discussions with lawyers and relators can be time consuming and costly if it is unclear of what the family is actually asking. We can help in providing guidance in terminology that is culturally related.

Package III
Practical support when the family is relocated

  • Health Care, Dental Insurance, Bank etc.
  • Social guidance to minimize cultural chock.
  • Help finding networks, tutors, sports, music, art and other activities for children and spouses.

This is the area where we are truly unique. Many other companies offer package I and II. We are the only company that can offer all three of these services for Scandinavians in both the Silicon Valley area and the Seattle area.

The first couple of months are filled with questions. We will make it our number one
priority to make sure everyone in the family knows that we are there for them
Our emphasis is in knowing the importance of personalized hands on support for
families once they are relocated away from friends and families. While using the knowledge and experience we can provide, the employee will be present at work 100% from day one without having to worry of the wellbeing of the family– they will be in good hands!

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