This year we decided to take the option of spending a couple of nights in Iceland before continuing to Sweden. Will it be worth it, will we do it again? Only time will tell, but I will try to keep you updated as we go.

We arrived early yesterday morning and due to a mistake we actually had a hotel room at 8 am! 
After sleeping in until 12:30 pm local time we went out for lunch. Walking along Laugavegur, with several shops and restaurants, vacation mood slowly swept over us. Of course we ended up at Cafe Paris since it had the most vibrant outdoor seating – hence no room, so we had to dine inside. Which was fine too. The food and my first latte of the day was delicious and super expensive. 
After lunch we strolled up Skolavoroustigur to Hallgrims Kirkja, a Lutheran church with an interesting architecture. Apparently the wings of it represents lava running from the volcano. It is named after an Icelandic poet. I think I need to read some of his work since it was such a beautiful church! The organ was amazing and if we had more time I would love to listen to someone playing it.

After our church tour we went in search for the Nammibar (although I am still convinced it said Mammibar). We were happy to find out that Lördagsgodis is a phenomena here too…it wasn’ Saturday, but HEY- we’re on vacation so all regular routines are off anyway. After all, we had our first breakfast at 3:30 am.

At the Backpackers, we booked today’s riding tour (I hope this rain is over before the rest of Iceland wakes up!) and tomorrow’s visit to the Blue Lagoon. We were happy to find out that they even had a bouldering wall at the Backpackers. While Ronya got a chance to practice, Nikko and I could sit and admire her while drinking expensive beer. 

Did you know beer was banned on Iceland until late eighties?
Some other cool facts I found out:
Police do not wear firearms, only batons. Weapons are illegal, except for hunting purposes on Iceland. 
In 2009 Iceland had the first female Prime Minister, and the first openly gay head of state. 
Stripping is banned since 2010!

25 five things about Iceland

So far Reykjavik has been great – super expensive though, and since I know you all want to know…here are some numbers…

Taxi from the airport – 16000 isk $130

Riding tour package with added bus sightseeing for four ( 3 adults, one child, kids under 12 gets a discount) – 58800 isk $470

Blue Lagoon, including transportation to airport for four 11400 isk $92

1 beer -750 isk $6

Day pass at climbing wall – ony one tiny wall, but still challenging enough – 500 isk/per person $4 and no waivers or contracts needed to be signed

1 1/2 litre milk 259 isk $2

Looking forward to provide feedback after today’s Gullefors/Geysir experience! 


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