Linda Ström

Linda Ström the founder of Getswedish emigrated from Sweden in 1998. The idea for Getswedish was growing for many years, but it was not until she had a Green Card in 2005 she could fulfill her dream of starting the company.

In Sweden, prior to emigrating, Linda Ström worked for a Swedish financial institute for ten years. She grew up in Kungälv and when not working at the bank, she was giving guided tours at Bohus Fästning in Kungälv. In the US, Linda has been active in various networks, Spouses and Partners@mit in Boston, Little Vikings and Silicon Vikings in Bay Area, Swea in Seattle, just to mention a few. In California, she was the President for Community Enhanced Learning at Monta Loma Elementary School in Mountain View. Here in Seattle she is an active parent in her children’s schools.

Linda Ström has completed two college educations. She has gone through various Visas, J2, F1, H2, O2 and Green card. Citizenship is in the pipeline!

Linda has delivered children in two different states. She is raising two bi-cultural, bilingual girls and have been teaching Swedish to both kids and grown ups for many years. You can find Linda active teaching on Sundays at the Swedish School in Seattle.

The family has lived in three states, two apartments, four houses and a couple of temporary housing arrangements. She has renewed her driver’s license and re registered cars in three different states.

While Getswedish once started in Silicon Valley, it has now moved on to Seattle. However, a new partner has joined. If you are looking for Getswedish services in the Bay Area, Linda is partnering with Yvonne Ericsson at Widely in Palo Alto.


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