4th of July

If there is any equivilant to the Swedish Midsummer, it has to be 4th of July.

In our little town there is a parade ranging from first the tiny kids all the way to the Seniors’ clubs. Last year, nice neighbors brought one of our daughters with them on the parade. For us that was a magical experience. After all, both me an my husband are Swedish, so we cannot really provide the full experience of American patriotism to our American kids without a little outside help.

This year, it will be less adventurous, but we will still walk to downtown Kirkland and be part of the festivities as the parade goes on and then celebrate with barbeque in our yard with friends. For some reason it always seems to be the day when sunshine arrives in Seattle.

Redan första året vi flyttade till Seattle fick vi veta att sommaren börjar 4:e juli. Det har visat sig stämma varje år. Så naturligt vis ser vi fram emot ytterligare en spännande parad, lite raketer, och en trevlig BBQ med vänner.

Happy 4th of July to all of you!


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